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Corporate Profile

Acegroups is a Holding, which unites a group of companies, successfully developing the business for over 20 years and has wide geographic representation through its subsidiaries in the world. Several companies of the Holding run their business in various areas such as:

- LLC "Euroace Vostok" is located in Russian Federation, with its headquarters in Moscow and with an office in Nizhny Novgorod.

The company supplies spare parts for such major car manufacturers in Russia as KAMAZ, several plants of GAZ Group, Yaroslavl motor plant "Autodiesel". The company is the first one in Russia which has been providing for over 10 years a regular supply of components (a wide range of hydraulic jacks, sets of driver's tool, emergency stop signs, tie down straps for securing cargo and other products) from manufacturers of South and South-East Asia and the Far East countries.

Production branch of the company – LLC "SiST" has organized its own manufacture of fitting and assembly tools and other hardware for sell in Russia. The new plant, which produces products under the brand name Horse Power is located in the city of Roslavl of the Smolensk region. Production of the plant meets demand of clients more fully now for high quality products while proximity to customers makes it the most competitive. Today’s production facilities of the enterprise allow producing the total monthly volume of more than 50 tons and 60 thousand units of instrumental range. Modern technologies applied in the Horse Power factory provide a high level of product quality, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of production. The quality management system of the plant was certified from 2015 according to international standard ISO 9001 – 2010.

LLC "Euroace Vostok" is also involved in wholesale trade of automotive tools and automobile accessories purchased abroad and imported to Russia under its own trademark Horse Power. The company has its dealership network in Russian Federation and CIS countries. The range of products includes sets of tools, jacks, lighting equipment, rubber products, pullers, buckles of cargo and other goods.
INDOACE Power Pvt Ltd. is headquartered in India, Delhi and with a branch in Mumbai.
The company conducts commercial activities in India, the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.
Aceglobal Industrial Pvt Ltd. is located with its main office in Hong Kong (PR of China).
This export trading company is engaged in export- import operations in India, CIS countries and in other regions.